WiseFax online fax service is the perfect solution, if you have to fax to law institution. It is very likely that you don’t own a fax machine, so the easiest and the quickest way to fax to law institution is to use an online fax service. Unlike many other online fax services that require monthly subscription, WiseFax is a pay-as-you-go online fax sending service.

Send fax to law institution with WiseFax

Fax to law institution quick and easy with no subscription

You can fax to law institution with WiseFax from a Mac computer, PC or any other device connected to the internet. Using WiseFax online service, you can do it quickly and easily in just a few simple steps.

To prepare and send a document, visit the WiseFax website. Then, upload the document, select pages that you wish to fax, enter recipient’s fax number, and WiseFax will do all the rest for you. WiseFax will automatically convert your document into fax.

Edit and fax with WiseFax

You can also edit the document, before faxing, if needed. You can insert text, ticks, marks, signatures or erase unwanted background from it. After that, you just have to enter fax number of a law institution. In next step, you can make a one time purchase, if needed, and fax a document.

Send fax online

To fax to law institution you only need WiseFax

WiseFax is the best solution if you decide to send fax to law institution. There are no regular monthly costs or hidden fees. So, it is ideal service if you are faxing just a few documents in a year. WiseFax is a pay-as-you-go service, and it will calculate the price and present it to you before you will fax a document. So, you will always know the total cost before you approve it. After successful delivery, you will get a fax confirmation with a copy of the sent document to your email address.

Fax document with WiseFax

Send fax to law institution without subscription

WiseFax is an online cloud based service, so you only have to visit the WiseFax website, to fax to law institution. In conclusion, you can fill-in and fax your document to any fax number easily and quickly. You can do it without any subscription to an efax service. Try it now!

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Send fax to law institution or any other fax number quickly and easily with WiseFax!