World’s simplest yet powerful fax service.

Send a fax immediatelySend a fax immediately

No account setup and verification required. Pay-as-you-go service. WiseFax is a user-friendly online fax service. You can send a fax quickly and easily in four simple steps.

  1. Upload your document
  2. Select the recipient’s country and enter the recipient’s fax number
  3. Sign up and purchase fax tokens if required
  4. Click the Send button to confirm your fax
Subscribe and get your own fax numberSubscribe and get your own fax number

Simple account setup. Affordable plans. You can start receiving faxes to your own fax number in no time. We offer fax number subscriptions for only $8.00 per month and for only $4.25 per week. If the subscription is no longer needed, it can be cancelled at any time.

  1. Create your account
  2. Get your new fax number or port the existing one
  3. Choose your preferred subscription plan and complete the order

Domestic and worldwide coverage

WiseFax is an online fax service with domestic and worldwide coverage. You can easily send a fax from almost everywhere, and to almost everywhere. Learn more about sending and receiving faxes locally and worldwide.

No software required

All functionality, including sending and receiving faxes, is available using web browser without proprietary software installed. Optional desktop and mobile applications are available for all major platforms including Microsoft Windows, macOS, iOS and Android. Email integration is available as well. Learn more about sending and receiving faxes online.

Fax any document, photo or scan

You can fax documents in virtually any format, for example Microsoft Word and Excel, Apple Pages and Numbers, OpenOffice documents, PDF and most common image formats (like TIFF, JPEG, HEIC and PNG). In addition to that, you can also fax scans captured from desktop devices and photos taken with mobile devices directly from WiseFax app. Received faxes are securely stored on WiseFax portal. Users are notified of received faxes through e-mail and optionally through system notifications if WiseFax application is installed. Learn more about types of documents, photos and scans that you can fax.

Feature rich editing

WiseFax allows users to easily add a cover page, as well as to sign, edit and fill-in documents online, before sending a fax. It also provides advanced features, such as image enhancement (distortion removal) and edge detection, which are useful when faxing captured documents that have to be cleaned up to improve legibility. Learn more about WiseFax editing features.


WiseFax is a highly reliable service. It includes functions such as multiple automatic retries and automated re-routing of outbound faxes to provide high success rate of fax delivery, as well as fax status tracking and delivery confirmations. Learn more about WiseFax reliability.

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Need more information?

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