Domestic and worldwide coverage

WiseFax is an online fax service with domestic and worldwide coverage. You can easily send a fax from almost everywhere, and to almost everywhere. Learn more about sending and receiving faxes locally and worldwide.

Reliable & Secure

WiseFax is a highly reliable and secure service. It includes functions such as multiple automatic retries and automated re-routing of outbound faxes to provide high success rate of fax delivery, as well as fax status tracking and delivery confirmations. All your faxes and other personal data is securely stored on our servers that adhere to security and technical best practices. We also guarantee that the collected data is transmitted over a secure HTTPS connection. Learn more about WiseFax reliability and security.

Optimize documents for fax transmission

WiseFax provides advanced features, such as automatic contrast enhancement and edge detection, which are useful when faxing captured documents that have to be cleaned up to improve legibility. Improved and cropped documents result in a much better quality fax and reduced transmission time.

For teams, business and enterprise use

WiseFax offers an ideal online fax solution for teams, businesses and enterprises. You can start using an online fax service in your organization quickly and easily. WiseFax allows you to manage members of your organization and use a centralized online fax service solution. Learn more about setting up an online fax solution for your organization.

Advanced confirmation report

You can easily monitor the status of all your faxes at WiseFax portal. All sent faxes have a confirmation report that you can print out for future references. The report will include fax delivery status and a complete copy of the fax, which serves as a proof of delivery. Learn more about confirmation reports.

Extensive support for different platforms

You can use WiseFax in your internet browser or you can install a WiseFax application on your computer or mobile device. WiseFax works on virtually all computers and mobile devices with an internet access.

Fax copies and archive

Copies and confirmations of successfully sent faxes are securely stored and can be accessed at WiseFax portal. WiseFax also allows you to receive copies of successfully sent faxes to your email. Emails that you receive from us will be encrypted if encryption support is enabled in your email system.

Online signature and document editing

WiseFax allows you to edit, fill-in and sign documents without any application installation quickly and easily. You can edit and fax PDF, Microsoft Office, Apple Pages, Apple Numbers, Apple Keynote, LibreOffice, OpenOffice, Microsoft Visio, Hancom Hangul, ScanWritr documents, and JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP, TIFF images and scans.