The many features of WiseFax allow you to easily and completely prepare your documents before faxing. You can also add a cover page and provide all the information required for this important part of the fax.

Use the following functions to edit all pages of the document before faxing them to the recipient:

  • Automatic image enhancement (distortion removal) improves the quality of the document and retouches it for optimal fax quality.
  • Edge detection tries to find the page margins automatically to help you crop. So if you are unhappy with the page margins, you can select them and eliminate areas outside the document.
  • Rotate your document if its orientation is not correct.
  • Use the Erase tool to remove stains and other irregularities from the document background and other unwanted parts of the document, such as text or images. Simply drag across the paper to change these elements to the background.
  • With the Text tool you can insert text into the document to fill in the forms.
  • You can use the Pen tool to set ticks and circle or underline any part of the document.
  • If you want to highlight any part of the document, use the Marker tool.
  • You can save up to three Signatures and insert them at the desired positions in the document.

After editing is complete, the document is ready to be sent to the fax recipient. With WiseFax, there is no need to print your document, fill it out manually, scan it, and then upload it for faxing. You can do all this with the powerful built-in features of WiseFax.